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reiki master steve with dog pepe



Steve Murray is a World Acknowledged Healer, Psychic, Author and Teacher. Steve teaches through his Books and DVDs and now does his Healing work through video conferencing . Steve is the author of the global best-selling Reiki the Ultimate Guide books and has over 50 self-help programs on DVD. A few examples of the topics on DVD are Reiki Healing, Psychic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Aura and Chakra Healing, Removing Psychic Debris, Contacting Angels, Past Life Healing, Cancer Imagery, Weight Loss, and Pain, Fear, and Stress Relief. All of his Books and DVDS are on this site.

Steve also was a certified Medical Hypnotherapist for many years and besides seeing clients one on one he developed Cancer Imagery programs that are in still hospitals around the country. For example his programs are in University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center where patients have access to the videos in their rooms for viewing and are included in their aftercare program.

Steve is a avid animal lover and does have programs a Pet Healing and Psychic Communication program. The photos is of Steve and one of his dogs Pei Pei ( A Black German Shepherd) playing and having a good time.

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