Distance Attunements Work

There is hypocrisy with Reiki Healers who say Reiki Long Distance Attunements do not work. I say hypocrisy because healers that state this will turn around and teach long distance healing and state it will work. The only problem with this is long distance healing uses the same concept as long distance attunements.

The healers that support the belief Reiki Long Distance Attunements do not work usually cite views expressed by other Masters who have a vested interest (charging fees and sometimes large fees at that) like themselves in passing attunements in person. What's sad, most of the Masters that use this belief (long distance attunements do not work) know it's false. A few Healers try to get around the potential of bad karma of not telling the truth by stating that long distance attunements do work, but not very well. And should only be used as an experiment or in emergencies.

I would love for one or a group of these healers who deny long distance attunements work to address the tens of thousands of healers around the world (maybe in a stadium) who have received attunements via DVDs, video, Internet, etc., and who have healed themselves and others and are doing great healing work. What would or could they say to this huge audience? "Non-healers, you all are lying or mistaken about your healing. And even if you have healed yourself or others it's not the correct way. But there's hope for you. Take my class and Reiki Attunements and your healing will be correct."

The bottom line is attunements work just as well in person as from a distance, and most of the Reiki Masters that deny this know it is true. And if they do not, they are lacking in Reiki teachings and I will take the opportunity now to enlighten them.

First of all, Reiki Attunements are done on an energetic level rather than a physical one. All Reiki Masters have to agree on this. The only physical touching that can be done is tapping of the hands, touching the shoulders, and blowing air, which is really optional. All that is needed for the Reiki Attunement to be successfully passed long distance is the ritual (attunement) that includes the Reiki Master's intent (belief) to give a Reiki Attunement and the recipient's intent (belief) to receive the attunement.

Now these healers (the ones that state long distant attunements do not work) might say I have a vested interest in my Reiki DVD attunements, and of course I do, but there are some big differences with what I believe. I feel a person should receive a Reiki Attunement any way they prefer and/or can afford. All options to receive attunements will work and my DVD attunement programs are one of the options. And I am interested in as many people as possible in whatever way they choose being able to have Reiki Attunements.

This is a big world and there is plenty of room and a great need for all Reiki Healers regardless of their beliefs and teachings. All Reiki Healers and Masters should focus on the healing at hand (no pun intended) and not be judgmental of anything, least of all Reiki.

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