Reiki Chakra Healing Stones

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Using The Healing Stones

The stones are great healing tools and can be used by yourself, teaching aids for students and given as gifts.


These healing stones can be used in many ways. You would use one or all in the session depending what symbol(s) are needed.


Here are just a few examples of ways to use the stones: meditating on symbol(s), placing on the body and or Chakras for healing, placing on photos when sending distant healing to the past, present or future, placing on paper with writings you need to manifest and/or change, placing on documents, carrying one or all with you on special occasions, leaving with a person for healing leaving in a room for healing, or just use your intuition for using the stones.


You should use Reiki on the stone(s) before you work with them, and always clear them when you are through.

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