Reiki 1st Level Attunement: Become a Reiki Healer

Reiki 1st Level Attunement:   Become a Reiki Healer
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Attunement - a sacred process, initiation and/or meditation with a specific purpose and intent performed by a Spiritual Master.

Take this Reiki 1st Level Attunement and you will become a Reiki 1st Level practitioner. You will instantly be able to start giving Reiki healing energy to yourself and others. Reiki energy will help heal and change your life. This change and healing can occur on the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual levels.

During the Attunement, universal and metaphysical laws are invoked, including the Hermetic Law of Similarity. Tibetan, Usui and Karuna Reiki® are used along with distance healing symbols, which transcend time and space.

No belief system or religion is required to experience the Attunement. The Attunement will last for life and can be taken many times for reinforcement and enhancement.



  • Preparation and practice for the 1st Level Attunement
  • 14-minute open eye Reiki 1st Level Attunement on the Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona, Arizona. Performed by Reiki Master teacher, Steve Murray
  • 34 illustrated hand positions for giving Reiki


  • What is Reiki
  • What is a 1st Level Attunement
  • Why it works
  • How it works
  • What to expect during and after the Attunement
  • Why and how crystals and vortexes work
  • Life energy flow for health



Hi Steve,
I've watched the video several times, with different experiences. The first time I seemed to feel a "rush" --the air seemed to move towards me & I saw different colors; I definitely felt different, like I had experienced something. Next, I saw the background moving while watching the crystal.

I started doing Therapeutic Touch back in Oct. and Healing Touch Massage in January. I plan on incorporating Reiki in with the rest of my healing techniques. I also plan on learning more about it. Your other two videos are on my wish list.
Thanks, Steve~

Linda K.
Mammoth Lakes, CA

P.S. I remembered ONE OTHER IMPORTANT experience from the 1st time I watched the video--- I SAW SYMBOLS coming from the left hand side of the screen, from the bottom to the top, The swirling outward. I THOUGHT these symbols WERE ACTUALLY ON THE VIDEO, but when I watched the video the next few times, I REALIZED THEY WEREN'T ON IT. I really didn't pay attention to the symbols, so I COULDN'T DESCRIBE THEM. But I thought I'd share this with you.

Dear Mr. Murray,
Hello. Thank you for your kindness... The 3 videos have arrived safely and they gave me really wonderful experiences, made me happier than ever before.
As your suggestion, I will share these beautiful & wonderful videos.

Thank you again,
Akiko T.
Nishinomiya, Japan

My husband & I watched the video together and received the attunement. We both experienced the energy, but different things happening in our hands. His was a hot smooth sensation and mine was hot & pulsing. He said the crystal became three dimensional (in the room) and glowed different colors for him.
Thank you for making the film. Hope you continue to make more. in Love & Light,

Rita H.
Phoenix Az

I received the attunement, I now give Reiki, April 10, 2001
A viewer from Newport Beach CA

I usually do not give reviews, but I saw the most recent one on this remarkable and wonderful video and felt the need to give one. I wanted to make sure people understood what the video was about, and what it does, so the people that needed it or were ready for it would be able to make the right choice for them. The video does exactly what it states in the description page. This video gives an actual 1st level attunement. It does not tell a story about the author's journey, history of Reiki or go into in depth details about Reiki, there are hundreds of good books that will do that. I agree with the person from New York you would be wasting your time and money if you are looking for that. What the video will do is give you a 1st level attunement so you can give and experience Reiki first hand. That's what a book cannot do and the attunement you receive is what all the books describe in their text. In my area Reiki Masters charge anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00 for a first level attunement. I also checked the internet and there are Reiki Masters charging that on line for long distance attunements. The video does explain about the attunement, how and why it works, the basics on Reiki and what to expect during and after the attunement. There's plenty of explanation on the video and instructions for receiving the attunement. Steve Murray does the attunement in Sedona, on Bell Rock and the scenery is beautiful. It does have drawings at the end which show you where to put your hands to use Reiki. I just followed the hand positions on the screen, its very simple. Steve did recommend in the video to buy books on Reiki, just like any Reiki Master would after an attunement.

I Now Give Reiki, December 2, 2002
smile4u10 from L A CA USA

The Attunement I did received from this program, I now give Reiki to myself and other people. Many people that I give Reiki, have commented that they can feel and sense the healing energy and it has helped them. I am thankful for a program like this, I would not have been able to receive the attunement without it.

Great Attunements! My Comments, November 11, 2002
paige bell from Dallas Texas Usa

I would like to give my comments about the Reiki Masters that have down played and gave these attunement programs a bad rap. Come on, these programs are not for you anyway. And if you took the time to read the many comments from the people that these attunements have helped, isn't that good?
I can't understand why these masters are concerned how a person gets Reiki (and people are from these attunements). Is it because it does not fit into their belief system? How about the belief system of the people that have received Reiki from these attunements?
It looks like to me there are politics even in healing (Reiki). If you do not take the attunements their way, it does not work or count. And even though the attunements are received (statements from people say they have),'s not the right way to get Reiki?. There is a bad and good Reiki?
I am sure these Reiki Masters have helped people, but, in my mind this small group of people are casting the first stone.
In my opinion all Reiki Masters do not have the same ability. When some state a certain attunement cannot be done, they are speaking of their own ability, knowledge and training. Just like in any other profession, there are levels of talent and ability.
Example: one medical doctor will say a medical procedure or treatment is impossible to perform or will not work because of his skills, ability and teachings. Another doctor will say it will not be a problem because of his skills, ability, talent and teachings, and he will be successful.
I recommend all the attunements, but if you are a Reiki Master, I would pass because you have the attunements and symbols.
Blessings and Healing To All

Wow! What Controversy, November 9, 2002
Stephanie Quinn from Cincinnati Ohio USA

Hello, first of all I would like to say I have a great many of Steve Murray's programs and I find them all great and I have felt and received all the attunements. His programs do what they say they will do. They are truly remarkable.
Now, It seems that his Reiki Attunement Programs have created a lot of controversy in the Reiki community. I understand that you cannot please all the people all the time. All great people (including healers) and their work has met opposition from different people and organizations throughout history.
This is especially true when people are ahead of their time or start something new and maybe go against the system. Steve Murray fits into that category I have read the few letters that disagree with his programs and all of them were from Reiki Masters. When I read the letters I cannot help but feel the resentment in what they write and maybe some anger. And I believe their criticism is self serving (I will explain latter in fees). I am also curious what do they say to the thousands of people who have received the attunements from Steve Murray (read a few of their letters) that they are mistaken or lying?
be happy with these programs. On the other hand I have spoken to some enlighten Reiki Masters who are happy with the programs and do not feel threaten by them. And it is my belief that these programs are not for Reiki Masters, they are for people like myself who want self healing. It is Karma that the few Reiki Masters that are trying to discourage these Reiki Programs from being used, are actually helping getting these programs to more people. So Controversy is good, everything happens for a reason. These programs seem to be always number one in Reiki sales. I do not care how you get your Reiki Attunements, but please get them. These programs can be an option, but do what you feel is right.
Stephanie Q

It's Like Finding Hidden Treasure!, October 5, 2002
Deborah Espino (see more about me) from ARKANSAS,USA

I find myself lacking the words to describe how Steve Murray's
Video's have changed my life. I first purchased Reiki Level One Attunement And the Reiki Psychic Attunement Video from Steve almost two years ago. After the third time I watched Steve's tapes I was on the internet chat room known as yahoo and a young woman that was very distressed over the death of her friend and her mother who died over a year ago was in the chatroom.
I felt so sorry for her and wished with all my heart that I could help her. Suddenly these names and faces came to me and started communicating to me for her. I knew her mom and friends name ,how they passed and their was a very long conversation. The young lady was so happy and relieved to here from them and that was the day I began my work as a psychic medium. Since then I have bought every tape of Steve's I could get my hands on. I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful this has been for me and how many people have been helped by my gifts being brought froth and I owe it all to Steve Murray.
Thank You Steve!

A Breakthrough in Disseminating Reiki!, September 17, 2002
Turlowe (see more about me) from Canberra, A.C.T. Australia

I highly recommend this video to all those interested in being initiated into Reiki or strengthening their healing powers at the Reiki I level. I was fortunate enough to be initiated by a local Reiki Master and at an affordable price but that was it - many of us are then on our own.
After the first few weeks at Reiki I, my healing energy was not flowing as abundantly as it did at first - at times, nothing at all. Later I found out that this is a common experience at the Reiki I level and which is not normally discussed (in actual fact, Reiki will eventually find a practitioner's health weaknesses and divert to heal them, especially if these are chronic conditions, leaving the practitioner apparently 'dry' at times - in my case I have had respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma since early childhood).
I found this video can provide any number of invaluable 'booster' attunements for a very low cost which strengthen your healing channel and can assist in overcoming these dry periods. This is value-added Reiki!
With the help of this video the frustration of Reiki I dry periods is much more easily overcome than previously and less practitioners will be disillusioned into thinking that Reiki has 'run out' - more Reiki I practitioners, I hope, may wish to continue on to the higher levels.
And I because of my traditional initiation I can testify that these 'on-demand' distance attunements carry the same degree of power and potency that a face-to-face traditional attunement does - there is no doubt about it. In fact, this particular video provides a stronger energy flow through the hands than traditional Reiki I.
Reiki is indeed a developing spiritual technology! Now everyone can afford to receive a genuine attunement anytime and anywhere and experience the life-enhancing wonder that is Reiki!!

I received a Powerful Attunement, January 18, 2002
A viewer from Manchester Ma USA

I had taken a 1st level Reiki attunement from a local Reiki Master. I did sense a change and people could feel the Reiki when I worked with them. But, Wow when I took this attunement from Steve Murray, my energy and Reiki went to a higher and stronger level. I have since taken this attunement several times, and each time I feel reinforced. Just like in anything else, some people are more powerful in what they do than others. In my book, Steve Murray is one of the top Reiki Masters in the world. You will be happy with this program.

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