Psychic Certification Program

Psychic Certification Program
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Requirements for Psychic Certification

A  Psychic Certification is available. To be certified you would need to have studied and practice the information in the following DVDs and Book. You must have taken all four Psychic Attunements from the two Psychic Attunement DVDs, taken the program on the DVD Increase Your Psychic Abilities and have read and studied the Reiki the Ultimate Guide VOL 5: Learn New Psychic Attunements to Expand Psychic Gifts & Healing.

You can buy the DVDs and Book at your own pace, or this is a special offer on this page for the complete course.

1.  Reiki Psychic Attunement: Open and Expand your Psychic Abilities - DVD

2.  Reiki Psychic Attunement Vol.2:
New Attunements to Expand Psychic Abilities -DVD

3.  Increase Your Psychic Abilities with Contemporary Technology - DVD

4.  Reiki the Ultimate Guide VOL 5: Learn New Psychic Attunements to Expand Psychic Gifts & Healing - Book.

Additional Certification Information
I allow one certification per program. I need to know where you purchased the  DVDs and Book, the code on the box, name you would like on certificate, date you completed all the materials. Certification is suitable for framing and can be used for local licensing and / or permit in most cities. Please allow 7-14 days to have prepared, signed and mailed. Contact me  directly if you would like a Psychic Certification.

Unfortunately everything takes time and money to do, and that includes preparing a Certification A  Certification consists of getting the seal, materials, printing it, stamping the seal on the cert, signing it, placing it in envelope, postage and all the costs involved with doing this. To cover this I charge a fee of 20.00 for the Certification. I do have the free gift programs and special discounts that offset the cost of the Certifications.

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