Archangel Healing Angelite Stones (set of 4)

Archangel Healing Angelite Stones (set of 4)
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Using the Archangel Stones

The archangel stones are great healing tools and can be used for yourself, in healing sessions, or given as gifts.


These stones can be used in many, many ways, which includes healing and for protection. You would use one or all in a session depending what your goals are.


Here are just a few examples of ways to use the stones: meditating, praying on name(s), symbol(s) when asking for guidance and help, placing in a room for healing, placing on photos when sending distant healing to the past, present or future, placing on paper with writings you need to manifest and/or change, placing on documents, carrying one or all with you on special occasions, left with a person for healing, left in a room for healing, or just use your intuition for using the stones.


You should always clear the stones before and after using them.


Archangel Names

Each archangel corresponds to a Direction of the Compass and an Element.

  • Archangel Michael -- Guardian of the South and Element of Fire. Chief of the Archangels, Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection

  • Archangel Raphael -- Guardian of the East and Element of Air. Keeper of the Tree of Life and Healing Powers, Angel of Love, Joy and Laughter.

  • Archangel Gabriel -- Guardian of the West and Element of Water. Patron of Messengers, Angel of Resurrection, Mercy and Peace.

  • Archangel Uriel -- Guardian of the North and Element of Earth. Keeper of Prophecy, Angel of Nature, Visions and Instruction.

Set of 4:

Place in your Healing or Energy Grid, on your Altar or Meditation area. Use in your Reiki Attunements to bring forth the Best and Highest Good for all whom you heal.
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